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Frisco Performing Arts Center

Frisco Performing Arts Center

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     "I give you a 5 star review!  The set up, crew and everything was great. The event went very well and if I have another event I will definitely check with you. Thank you to Ms. Allyson, it all went very well." - Praveena, Saturday afternoon music event, Performance Hall rental

The FriscoPAC℠ Auditorium seats up to 160 with full audio and lighting set-ups, three-camera video production, live event broadcast, portable stage, grand piano, and more. And the new 7,800 sq.ft. building houses five rooms as teaching-activity-rehearsal-meeting space available for weekdays, evenings and weekends.

So, the dream is finally a reality! Frisco School of Music & Performing Arts students have the opportunity to perform countless times each year, in Music Coffee House Shows, Rock Band Blowout Concerts, Art Gallery and Variety Shows, Faculty and Honor Student Concerts, Preschool and Kindergarten shows, and also judged events like Achievement Graduations and Music Theory Test…plus many more. All of our Frisco School of Music & Performing Arts performances have free admission (included with yearly membership) so the whole family - plus friends - can attend and enjoy the shows. Right here on our very own campus.

And now…we have community groups beating down our door to book space for their classes, shows and meetings, since the local area has very few options at a friendly price-point.

During the year, FriscoPAC hosts over 200 performances and events including:
• Frisco School of Music & Performing Arts yearly concerts and shows
• Preschool/Kindergarten Shows and GraduationsGuest Artist Shows
• Dance Company Rehearsals (Bollywood, Other)
• Video Production Shoot Location (YouTube)
• Stunt Coordination Workshops (ActionPAC)
• Kamp Hollywood Summer Camp (Movie Institute)
• KD Conservatory Acting Camp• Bricks for Kids Camps (Lego)
• Robots/4/U-STEAM Science and Robotics Camp
• Company Board Meetings (HOA Meetings)
• Church Meeting Groups (The Parks Church)
• Local Performance Artist Evening Events (Michael Guinn Productions)
• EP Release Party (Kendall Bowser)• Band Rehearsals – 18 piece (Mad Dog-Joe Cocker)
• Wedding Showers… and many more

Family owned and operated, the Frisco School of Music & Performing Arts/FriscoPAC has received numerous business and arts awards, and is the largest private music and performing arts school/venue in the North Texas area.